Tuesday, 1 May 2012

UDAC or the IKEA trip

Today is another big one!!

I picked up my uniform and accreditation and all sorts of goodies!

Trekked over to the UDAC ( Uniform Distribution and Accreditation Center) this afternoon : it's a massive warehouse that could house 10000 people easily and all set up in different queues for different areas - ID verification, helpdesk, accreditation area, waiting area, shoe trying on area, clothes trying on area,  uniform distribution area and finally checkout and Oyster card area...hardly any queues for us today but i m sure some days must be absolutely rammed as they need to get 70000 people through there before the Games.

Of course my triple citizenship confused their system for a while and i feared i would need to go back home to get my 3rd proof of ID ( had only brought 2 along :-))

but all is well!! 

Met up with my new buddy from sunday bagging Mario and we did the process together

Shoes are super comfortable and the uniform itself is not too bad either: they wisely did not put up any mirrors in the changing cabins so you need to rely on the opinion of your fellow Gamesmakers ( girls with girls , boys with boys of course) to make sure you've got the right size. iiiiiiii.not exactly the kind of clothing i wear everyday so a bit nervous but it turns out fine!

The whole experience is just like IKEA ( to borrow a lady's analogy today) : follow the signs on the floor, take something here, take something there, lose all sense of direction and check out with a bag full of stuff you're not quite sure of!

Best part is the accreditation.Note the "ALL" on mine : means i can access ALL venues!! 

This is getting so close i can almost touch it!!

And to finish off the day, i received my invitation for the Driving Training part 1....the adventure continues!


  1. And a picture of you in your uniform?
    Amazing the super power card. You rock!!

  2. It's great! A picture of you in your uniform would be great ;)
    And it's right that we only get one pair of trousers and two shirts?!

  3. Same request as below!!!!! :-)

    Pour le ALL venues, tu dechires !!

  4. do u get an email to confirm when to pick up ur pass n accreditation?

    1. Hey Onzo, yes i received an email and all. Maybe you should give them a call?

  5. Do you have to pay for your uniform and accreditation ?