Tuesday, 31 January 2012

How i became a Games Maker - Part 3

Here comes Summer 2011, and i 'm seriously thinking of moving back to Paris for the usual boy reasons. My brain is going along the lines of " After all, London is 2h25 minutes away from Paris, if i'm taken i can easily come back for the Olympics and stay at a friend. Ok it won t be the same thing, but i need to get my priorities straight!"

Well life being what it is, come autumn, my lovely Paris plans are dashed and after a bit of moping around as is required, my single self finds solace in the fact that i will be in London whatever happens in 2012 and even if i don't get the volunteering job, i can still be part of the whole show by simply being here and that's pretty cool. i unfortunately didn t get lucky with tickets but i can work around that.

October comes and goes, no news, i keep my hopes up ( after a year of waiting what is a couple more months??) and in November go on wonderful sunny holidays for Sophie and Laurent wedding, in La Reunion ( get a map people, it s a beautiful place). I come back via Paris, and well it's grey and the post holidays blues kick in...just as i finish complaining to my friend Sonia and am on the RER (not the best public transport experience) i get the following email :

And yes i admit, i started crying in the train, one of those tears and smile combination that are not the most attractive but i couldn't care less. Lovely Perrine who saw me just after probably thought her friend had just gone mental....!! My little dream is coming true. Let's face it people, we all have childhood dreams, but most of them either don t survive your 20s or  they live on unfullfilled...Not this one, baby, not this one, this girl is getting her wish.

So now i know i'm in!! 

Next chapter is the first training!!...and i won't write in pink.

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