Saturday, 31 March 2012

All is on track

Yesterday, March 30th, the end of the IOC, after reviewing the facilities and organisation, said the following: 

London Ready to Host 'Outstanding Event,'

Remember Athens and the near fiasco, seem like we will avoid it! yi haaa,

If the organisation of the actual volunteer training is anything to go by, i really believe the IOC is right: it is ever so smooth and flexible (well 90% of it :-))

Last Saturday, i went to Module 3 which focused on Village training, ie get to understand how the Olympic village functions ( I would like to remind you that is where yours truly is going to be based this summer for 5 weeks....OMG) what it does and doesn't deliver and mostly to emphasize that is really a "home away from home" for athletes. there is no press or public allowed in the 3 villages so athletes can really relax and have everything mostly within walking distance. The Stratford Village in London ( where i ll be) will be converted into flats after the games. They showed us how they have been furnishing and modifying the housing to make this work, fulfilling the needs of the IOC and the athletes in the meantime...quite clever if i may say so myself!!

They also did a team exercise where we had to build the tallest tower out of 20 pieces of spaghetti, a marshmallow, a piece of string and some scotch tape....that was super fun, and my team came in second best, at the astounding height of 68cm...Try it at home, it s fun and makes your brain work.

actually quite a bit has happened so i ll put up another post in the next couple of days....

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