Sunday, 1 April 2012

Driving in the UK

So a couple of weeks back i received am email from LOCOG inviting me to do some online assessing of my driving skills...

Which i started to do at the office quite offhandedly, and then realised that i actually needed to devout a bit of time to this...not only are signposts in the UK different but weirdly the tests really micmic reallife situation and you can t just blag it.

Result was...OK!! not brilliant scores but i seem to have passed the online test.

I now just have to actually drive a car in the UK...this is a girl who loves public transport and therefore hasn't really needed any car in the last 3 years. NO PANIC, all will be well.

I will have a full day of driving test sometime in way for us to become familiar with the Olympic lanes, the official cars we will be driving and how we should behave in general. I'm guessing a lot of common sense, but hey it can't hurt.

It's really funny how i bear in mind the fact that Gamesmakers and particularly my group are supposed to be sensitive with the information given, it makes me deliberately erase some information that i've typed and suddenly my blog feels a little boring.

ah well....

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