Monday, 30 April 2012

A busy weekend - Part 1

This last weekend of April was Olympic for sure and full of good surprises.

Saturday, Module 4 of Training, City Edge, Dalton : I got there 40min late because of the bus taking double the amount of time it had predicted. felt super sheepish sneaking into the full room. Any way...we learned all about Doping, Ticketing for Athletes and Team Officials, a whole new raft of acronyms and weird vocabulary ( a life saving glossary is on its way says Barbara, our boss...fervently praying here), how to deal with media requests, how to use Social media before during and after the Games, and quite a few tips and tricks about Cultural Awareness. This last part what quite fun, we learned all sorts of "strange" customs, lots of laughter and quiproquos on the international tables ( they all are!)

AND AND AND AND : we learned that on Module 5  we will know to which delegation we have been assigned....not only the continent but the actual country..whoop whoop!! and that is in 3 little days for me!!! 

Of course, once she had sad that the volume in the room went u quite a notch as people started to compare dates and the preferences they have been given...a french girl, Christelle on my table is not at all on the same day as me, but i seem to be on the same day as "english only" volunteers, so i m completely confused. it feels like Christmas again, can't wait for the surprise!! 

next comes Sunday....

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