Wednesday, 4 April 2012

UDAC - u d'ac?

Silly pun i know. 
About 10 days ago, Stella McCartney revealed the Team GB outfits for the athletes..

Now please compare with the volunteer uniforms

not quite the same designer huh?

Anyway, i booked a slot in May to pick up my Uniform and Accreditation at UDAC ( Uniform distribution and Accreditation Center)...and here comes some criticism (no i don't live in Lalaland all the time) : the slots they offer are only on week days and only between 10am and 5pm, which means most of us actually have to take a half day off just to pick 2 tee shirts, 1 pair of pants and some accessories. Now i realise they have constraints and restrictions, but surely, some weekend  or evening pick up dates could have been arranged?

Moving on...


  1. 1 pair of pants? This cannot be right?! ;-)
    they arent so bad these uniforms,you are going to look lovely in purple.I am sure Mr Bolt will love it!

  2. Like it! I'm going to discover it tomorrow as I go for my Venue Specific Training and Role Specific Training.
    I added your blog to my links!
    chears and keep up the good work!