Sunday, 4 March 2012

The in-between period.

So barely 3 weeks ago i had a my last training session an i m ust admit that i have gone into next session is on March 24th or something and in the meantime i need to feed myslef with other Olympics related trivia.

Thank goodness it was my birthday last week and my friends seem to have caught on to my games madness and i receive an offical London 2012 mug and a a book on the British Olympics amongst other things...i'm thinking i should probably erect a trophy wall or something to pull all these tings together.

I've also been receiving emails from my bosses and in particular the one about driving...i had to go through an online training at work, which i didn t do brilliantly at i must say ( although passed everything, rest assured  am not a crazy driver) and so now they have recommended a whole series of exercises for me to prepare with. The actual real life driving test will happen in April and before that i am defintely going to borrow a couple of friends cars to drive round parkings and get used to shifting gears with the "wrong" hand...nothing to overstress about i 'm sure but i'm keen to get it over with.

In parallel we are receiving through email our training materials from previous courses which is fun as i can revise and go through them again...fell like i m an overenthusiastic teenager sometimes!

Starting to panic about the fact that i really don t know anything about sports, so am going to reread "How to watch the Olympics" and have been forcing myself to read a couple of sports articles a day to keep abreast of who is who and what is happening. LOTS to learn.

that's all for the moment people, will be back soon i m sure.

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