Friday, 17 February 2012

Hackney - Final thoughts

So earlier this week, we got an email from our HR department about the policy during the Games...

Basically, same old, same old...except for those who are volunteering, we get an extra 2 days off, which is pretty cool...still leaves 4 and half weeks for me to log in but hey, every bit helps and counts. Need to get that sorted this week.

My next training is on March 23rd, somewhere in East London, and we'll be touching of difficult topics like doping and's going to be interesting to see how they draw the line for us. While on the one hand, we are fully part of the LOCOG organisation, on the other hand none of us ( well maybe a few), are experts in this kind of once again a steep learning curve.

I've just fininshed the book i bought " Watching the Olympics" ( Elke, did you receive yours??) and i think i 'm going to have to reread it from the beginning as weirdly enough my brain has not managed to remember all the trivia, rules, locations, greatest champions, main contenders each of the 26 disciplines.

o joy. or not.

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