Wednesday, 15 February 2012

More on Hackney Second Training

I just love the functionality on blogger that enables you to schedule Post publishing...i can write up a raft of content and stagger it through the week so that you, my dear fans and future me, keep coming back for more!

So last Saturday at hackney, i met another good group of can feel the tension grow and people are starting to voice aloud what everybody thinks : this is the best volunteering thing EVER. Everybody has anecdotes about friends who made light fun of them 18months ago and now are a weeee bit jealous...or people who are now trying desperately to get involved...makes us all feel a litlle smug and actually reinforces the sense of being part of a community.

...which is widly counterbalanced by the fact that we all are nervous about the ton of things we need to learn in the short 6 remaining months...from sign language ( dare me, i'm practicing every day), to the protocols to which sport is happening where...why did they have to chose so many different locations seriously??? ...and then delivering under pressure, always with a smile. Yikes.

In May we'll know what delegation we will assigned to, so everybody is going to start studying frantically, all the athletes profiles and then add in on top their specific get to know the Chef De Mission of their delegation. Apparently personalities are very varied from one to another...

This is NOT a holiday, folks.

But o what an adventure.