Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Wembley Arena - More...:-)

At the end of the session, they asked us to do a bit of homework : in our workbook, there ar ehte basics of sign the next time time you meet me, just test me, to see if i can actually say my name...I'll stick to Zab for the moment, not Elizabeth.

Another thing they pointed out, is that London hosted the Games in 1948...and now 2012, so there is basically very little chance of it happening it again in our lifetime, as more and more city want to host...So for all those that are still sceptical, think on that. And Act.

These are also the first Games that are coorganising the Paralympics and Olympics, under one umbrella and not as 2 separate entities,which means some of us will be working on both.

"Us" is 70000 volunteers, out of a total workforce of 200 about a HR challenge....pulling all of us together for just 8 weeks, seems like an incredible task. I just think it s amazing that all these people are coming together for something that will be gone faster than we can do you ensure the legacy of all that effort and energy...

Through sustainable Games, is what is suggested : From our uniforms to the Olympic stadium, everyhting has been built with that principle in mind, and so normally, i said normally, everything will be recycled...That makes feel a little better, for all that money and energy will live on somehow.

That's all folks for the moment.

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