Monday, 13 February 2012

Hackney - The Return

This Saturday i attended my second Role-Specific training at Hackney Community College....150 new faces, well maybe 147, thought i recognised a couple from the first session. Same thing: the event was super well produced and they had really taken on board the feedback we had provided from the first round...more branding, round tables instead of rows of chairs, more games, more opportunities to meet people etc. the only negative thing was that it was  freeeezing in the gym where we were.

We first went through a recap of our Orientation training ( what i did in Wembley  last week) before moving on to our stuff.

The more i write this blog the more i realise i need to be careful about what i type : they reiterated the necessity of "discretion" and " confidentiality"...anyway i'll see where this goes. Sort of paranoid now!

So...we went through the first 24 hours of a Chef de Mission and athlete's at the London 2012 Games, from landing at Heathrow or anywhere else to settling into their rooms as well as their Welcome Ceremony.

And this is when it started dawning on me that actually 2500 people looking after 40 to 50000 members of delegations ( athletes and the team officials) is actually not that much...we're pretty much going to be working flat out.

The number of Volunteers allocated to each team is minimum 3 and caps at 20...when you're talking about over 500 athletes in team GB and at least double the number of team officials, you have to swallow and straighten your shoulders.

Because once again this training reinforced  how much they will rely on us for everything, from getting food, to getting them to their appropriate location to rushing around the city because someone has forgotten their competition shoes...yes, that happens apparently as 2 team officials from Team USA explained!!

I feel i might be more stressed than they will be. Not good :-)

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