Friday, 20 July 2012

3 days to go...

So here we are with 3 days to go...i'm officially off and it feels great.

3,5 weeks off good does it get. 

I'm very aware that i haven t been as assiduous on my blog in the last month, truth is, i haven t has any more training, as the VST ( Venue Specific Training) just didn't work with my work travels and the Driver training part 2 got cancelled.

But with 8 days to go to the Opening Ceremony (whoopwhoop) and 3 days to go til my first day working i thought an update was necessary

A couple of things of note :

- Opening Ceremony Technical Rehearsal
I've got a ticket to the full run through in the Olympic Stadium on Monday...just as good as the real thing in my mind, even better as i get to see before everybody so that makes me feel quite privileged!

- Torch Relay 
Last week in Basingstoke, ( as in each and every little village in the UK over the 70 day event, i get the feeling), i saw the Torch relay! taking itself much too seriously in my humble of opinion, with big branded trucks, overload of security but hey it still made the whole thing feel real. Not sure how the video  looks though.

- Everybody is doing it.
Seriously. It feels like every one i speak to, either knows someone involved in the Olympics or is actually involved. So cool. An actually many more people  getting into the spirit than i thought. Where are all the cynics?? ( except the media, who is looking for every gritty story it can find...why be happy about it all after all? bad news sells more right ?).

- It s raining. and has been for a while
Now that is probably really the biggest point of potential failure ( bigger than transport for me). Please please please, let it not rain.

Anyway i'm excited!! I need to do some work to make i m competent over the next few days, but i keep thinking i could wing discipline whatsoever.

Watch this space, i will try to update it regularly.

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