Thursday, 26 July 2012

Zab the Flagbearer

Yeaaaahhhh that's me!!!

So last night was the second and final rehearsal of the opening ceremony and after enjoying the show on Monday i got to be part of it!

Seriously one of the best nights EVER.

The NOC Volunteers ( 2500 volunteers allocated to the National Olympic Committees from around the world, like your humble servant) were asked to impersonate the Athletes last night in order to rehearse the oh-so-famous Athletes's Parade. And to be as "real" as possible, we had to follow the exact schedule and itinerary of Friday with each country leaving from their point of residence at a specific time and walking to the the Olympic Stadium, regrouping in specific areas it built up quite a bit of anticipation and energy for the actual entrance....and then we were off into the stadium...and WOW the sensation. Music beating, thousand and thousand of dancers, lights flashing...the buzzz is just unreal. You feel like you are standing in the middle of world and everybody around you is just ecstatic, smiling and dancing.I'm not even sure how to describe it, it is so exhilarating.

We did 2 loops and second loop i was a Flag Bearer for Lebanon ( one for you Jean Tyan :-). How cool is that???

I've got plenty of pictures but because i want to #savethesurprise i won't publish them just yet....just watch this space come Friday night...

Off to my next shift now...wooop wooop!

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  1. Ramène nous le drapeau pour décorer l'appart!!! :)
    profite bien! c'est le gros kif!!!!