Wednesday, 25 July 2012

More impressions....

I think everything is going to come out in a disorganised fashion so this blog is going to resemble a diary  but hey, bear with me readers!

So on Monday after the DRM ( First meeting of the incoming delegation, where they check athletes profiles, accreditation, entitlements, authorisations, the minutest details), we met up with our Chef de Mission ( Person responsible for the Delegation), Gerald Fong who a really really nice guy, with the warmth and welcoming you expect from someone from the Caribbean Islands and much more interested in chatting about life in general than actually assigning us tasks. But Harry and Nathalie ( more about them later) are really good people and we managed to organised sort of a schedule and things to do the next day...which happens to have been completely changed afterwards but hey, this is part of the game.

I then wandered off to the Technical Rehearsal of the Opening Ceremony and boy that was amazing but as Danny Boyle requested, i am going to save the surprise, otherwise it s like Christmas, when you already know your presents.

more coming much to say so little time!!

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