Wednesday, 25 July 2012

First impressions

My third day shift starts at today  but i wanted to capture a few of my first impressions of the 2 last days

Day ! : Monday 23rd

Because i hadn t done any venue visit before i went up to Stratford at 1pm ahead of our 3pm meeting with Nathalie and Harry> and well i 'm happy i set out early  at the whole Olympic Park is barricaded off with only a handful of access points, the Olympic village ( where i work and the Athletes reside) is in the Park, and has it s own second row of barricades and thus security and checkpoints. So it is a massive maze and as the whole thing is gigantic ( literally it takes a good 15 minutes to get from one side of the Village to the other and about 25min to get to any of the Sports venue in the Park from the Village), well you need to factor in time for everything, including getting lost. 

this happened to my 2 teammates, who got royally confused and lost and got to the Village about 2hours later than they had expected.

So yes, you need to get your bearings...and fast, as your delegation  has even less of a clue than you of where things are and how things work

For all the training we've done there is just so much they couldn t prepare us for as you need to constantly be thinking on your feet.

ANYWAY, IT S FANTASTIC. All these athletes and volunteers are walking around the Village in really the best of spirits: everybody is helpful smiling and generally positive. It is really such a change from work or from a normal holiday. I think every one is aware that they a small part of a big and wonderful thing and it really brings out the best of humanity.I've had more conversations with random strangers in the last 2 days than i have in the last 6 months, just because being in the Village or wearing the uniform opens up chats very naturally.

So even though i m exhausted and have a few frustrations points i'm wearing a smile all the time.

I've got pictures but i'll put them up in the next post!

See you there and let me tell you, my iife is AMAZING.

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