Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The most important is to participate and believe.

...or something along those lines. I am having a hard time finding a title for this one, which is where i try to take stalk of the whole adventures and see what i've learned and what i'm going to do with it all. 

Participating in the Olympics in one shape or form has always always been a dream, and not because i'm athletic but because i believed that it embodied the best of humanity and that the Olympic Spirit truly exists, beyond the doping, the sponsoring, the massive advantage of some countries over the others, the corruption, the scandals and all the rest of the ugly truths.

I'm not religious at all, but the big take-away from these Games, is that it has restored my faith in humanity, i really really believe that i was part of something special and that i saw the best we can do as a group and as  individuals.

It's been said in the media, which makes it less believable and cynics will be cynics forever, but i was there and i know. You can't take that away from me, i' m an educated woman in the 21st century and i rarely try to impose my opinion of the world on anybody, as my opinion is not worth more than anyone else's. But this, this, i know and believe in. I just wish everybody was given the same chance as me to experience it all and see the light shine through all the dark we as humans try to cover the Olympics up with. 

It wasn't perfect, heaven, and harmony but it was a whole lot better than anything out there and that makes it worth it. Long live the Olympics.

The other "big" thought is that i take my hat off to the power of dreams.I'm not someone who wants to change the world or accomplish crazy big things and i only have a couple of things that i 'm really really keen on doing. I've now done one of them and seeing the energy and the drive it gives you showed me that there is really nothing in my way to make my other dreams come true. 
They will happen.

I'll stop here for the moment, and will let time do its magic before i reflect further on how these 3weeks have changed me.

London 2012, I was there.


  1. Hey Zab, what's the story behind the wall of thoughts? Looks like something you could take back to the office ;)

  2. Hey Lee, The Great wall of thuohgt was in our workforce ntrance, where we signed in and collected our meal voucher and could take a break, they put this up on the wall there and every one was invited to contribute...some good things in there too.