Monday, 13 August 2012

Welcome to the Olympic Village

I know the Village is no longer a mystery for many but i thought i could share some of the pictures i took during my time there.

Now, the Village was meant to be an inner sanctum for athletes, so you will note that in contrast to venues and the rest of London, it all looks very peaceful and semi deserted. I do have pictures of athletes up close and personal but as i want to respect their intimacy and we were asked not to pester athletes, you'll see mostly impersonal views.

And no, contrary to what British media alleged, it was not a sex fest. Yes, there are plenty of couples and liaisons happening during the Games but :
- Athletes most often share their rooms with a colleague and sleep in single beds.
- Athletes are professionals and like most people, avoid sleeping around on the job.

So sorry to disappoint on that, no fun gossip coming your way here.

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