Thursday, 2 August 2012

What makes my day so good

Thought i could list ( or try ) everything that makes me feel good about my day at London 2012.

- The uniform : yes it's not flattering but it's is so easily recognisable. I have never spoken to so many random strangers on the tube, in the street or in the Village in my entire life. Of course they expect me to know things like the maximum age of a baby before parents need to purchase an extra seat, or what time the US vs Croatia Basketball match is at, and well, i don t' know but google does :), and it normally leads on to some really interesting conversations.

- My fellow Gamesmakers : my immediate team ( Pierre, Nathalie, and Harry) because they are good and interesting people and in 10 days we've created a stronger team spirit than anything i've ever experienced at work. We have different strengths and weaknesses but there is a transparency and honesty and willingness to do the best we can that is really really boosting. Our "bosses" Barbara and Daniel are also truly supportive and helpful. And then all the other "Blue berries" ( our uniform is bluberryblue) that i meet in the street, tube and village. The uniform unites and everybody's experiences and roles are insightful and you get a sense of how this whole machine of working.

- Athletes : they are beautiful ( oooohhhhhh the bodies!!  constant drooling alert, can t help staring helplessly) and for those i m getting to know a little, genuinely nice people with the same sense of humor and concerns that we all have and the " can do" approach to life. they're driven but human, not like corporate people. And bright. and nice. and good looking. and good looking. and nice. and really fit.

- London: the city is lapping up the experience like a cat with milk. All the doomsayers have been proven wrong (i personally love this, i hate people who always see the half empty side of things, really really get on my nerves, no patience whatsoever). No major transport issues, lovely weather, even more pub and club activity, even more diversity and exchanges, even more London. I really really like this city.

- The Olympic spirit : why can t we always be this good as human beings? Why does something this beautiful only happen every 2 years for 2 weeks? Why don t we learn and stretch it out to cover all our lives?

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